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Supporting developers as they scale: a free Kubernetes eBook


An enormous amount of material about Kubernetes is available online and in print. The DigitalOcean Community team developed the Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers course to provide a thorough, well maintained, and approachable reference set of tutorials for anyone who would like to learn about Kubernetes. We’re very excited to make the course curriculum available to a wider audience as an eBook:

We began developing a Kubernetes learning pathway out of the wealth of knowledge we already had gathered through our in-house experts and community authors. From the very first outline phase, the curriculum was designed with learners at its core: we wanted to give developers the support they need as they scale in the cloud. There is a mix of practical “how tos” as well as tutorials that explain the high-level concepts you need so that those who prefer one or the other methods will find plenty of material as they dive deeper into Kubernetes.

Another goal we had from the outset was to make the curriculum into an eBook. The idea was to create the curriculum on the site first, and then reuse the underlying YAML and Markdown content to generate an eBook version. We wanted to ensure that learners who prefer a book format to help them learn would get the same content as the website version.

About this book

The book is structured around a few central topics:

  1. Learning Kubernetes core concepts
  2. Modernizing applications to work with containers
  3. Containerizing applications
  4. Deploying applications to Kubernetes
  5. Managing cluster operations

From there, more advanced topics are introduced, like how to manage a Kubernetes cluster itself. There are numerous tools, networking configurations, and processes that can be used to deploy, monitor, and run a cluster. The book examines each topic in turn so that anyone who follows along will be able to build, manage, and monitor their own cluster.

This eBook and course were compiled by members of the DigitalOcean Developer Education team. In our blog post on Closing the Kubernetes Skills Gap with Developer-First Learning we explain more about our curriculum design process, philosophy, and the many iterations it took to build this cohesive learning track.

Whether you prefer a tablet or ereader to learn, have a long commute with poor internet, or just want to have a self-contained book format as a reference, we hope that this eBook version of Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers helps you with your scaling adventures.

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